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In this section we attempt to answer all the common queries and questions one has when they need to replace tyres or batteries on their vehicles. The page is divided into tow sections, Batteries and Tyres with frequently asked questions for both.

When do I need to replace my vehicle's Battery?

Average life of a lead acid batteries in Indian conditions is approximately 3+ years. The life of battery may vary depending on the vehicle usage, driving habits and maintenance. In case you have trouble starting the engine and the battery is over 3 years old, you probably need to replace the battery. You can get the current battery tested for capacity from a battery mechanic to confirm. We provide free battery testing at our store.

My car doesn't start. Is is because the battery needs replacement?

In addition to the battery, there may be several other reasons behind this. The best way to know that your car needs new battery is to have your battery tested. You can also judge if your battery needs replacement from some symptoms like a clicking noise coming from the car when you try to turn on the ignition, vehicle not starting at all and/or a sluggish turn over.

Hos can I maintain my Car battery?

Proper maintenance of your car battery can increase it’s life and performance. Just follow some simple but vey useful tips to maintain your car batteries are:

a. Clean the dust from your car battery on regular intervals, because it can cause corrosion

b. If you find any kind of corrosion in your car battery, use solution of baking soda to wipe it out

c. Clean the battery surface or case on regular intervals

d. Periodically inspect the battery for several types of damages like fluid leaks, shell cracks, etc

e. Keep you car battery always fully charged

f. Keep battery connectors like the wire clean

g. Keep terminals and cables tight to prevent entry of toxins in the battery and also ensure proper flow of electricity

h. To lubricate cables of the battery use Vaseline and petroleum jelly on regular intervals

i. Switch off music system, air-conditioner and lights, when it is in idle condition

j. Check the fluid level of the car battery on regular intervals to ensure full fluid level

However, we recommend that you take proper caution while following any of the above tips as battery is an acidic and electrical device which may cause injuries if not handled properly.

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